Field Trip to Kalihi Ice Ponds

Photos from the journey & breakup tips

Kalihi Ice Ponds

I’m so grateful that my two sisters got me out of the house to gallivant through nature today! This short hike in Kalihi Valley has multiple waterfalls and has beautiful scenery throughout.

I feel blessed to have met amazing people in law school who are able to lift me up when I’m feeling down. Whenever any of us are going through a breakup, we are always there for each other.

What to do after a breakup…

1) Focus on self-care

Being in a relationship can detract our attention from caring for ourselves. Especially if you have been arguing or stressed, focusing on doing things that you enjoy and that refill your cup is so important. Know that you are able to give more when you are in a good place.

2) Get into nature

Nature has extremely healing properties. Seeing nothing but God’s creation restores us and can bring us the peace that we so crave in the midst of this world. See different scenery: enjoy the scent of flowers, look around at the tress, and listen to the sounds of our neighbors.

3) Renew your relationship with God

Anytime you are in an intoxicating relationship, it’s easy to move away from God. 1 Corinthians 7 reminds us that our true connection is with God, and that we should focus on pleasing Him first. It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship, but luckily God is always waiting to welcome us back to the fold.

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