Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Please stick to the rivers & the lakes that you’re used to!

Judd Trail, Oahu

Photo by Patrick

On Old Pali Road, we tried to find the historic remains, but it’s been nearly ten years since I’ve been there and I couldn’t seem to remember where they were. We found a beautiful little trail and waterfall instead.

Sometimes I wonder if God wants us to slow down and enjoy where we are. So much of life is often about a chase. Maybe you’re chasing a dream, a version of yourself, or someone else. Whatever it is, during this season it feels like God is calling us to appreciate what we are used to.

2020 has brought so much change and derailed many plans. This may have brought some disappointment. Yet, I saw a quote that said, “2020 was the year I thought all my dreams would come true. It was actually the year I learned to appreciate everything I have.” We all have something that we can be grateful for.

As a new year begins, and we await the coming of Christ, we can choose to practice thankfulness. So much of our life is based off of our outlook, morale, and manifestations. Let’s thank the Lord for every blessing – big and small – and have faith in all He has in store.

Old Pali Road

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