How I Raised My Credit Score

It’s gone up 144 points so far!

During law school, I had the opportunity to learn from a financial counselor from AccessLEX, a personal finance organization. I knew that even though I had a Finance degree, that this was a completely different ballgame.

My Credit History: During college, I opened up a Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard and held it open for three years. I decided to close it after graduating from college to try to curb my spending as I entered graduate school. Unbeknownst to me, this would negatively affect my credit score (which at that point was above 750). For three years, I didn’t have any lines of credit open.

So I graduate from law school and realize, I need credit. My realtor tells me about Self – a credit building card. You put down a deposit, and then commit to a monthly payment that fits into your budget. In the end, you get your money back and it’s like paying your “self.” Along the way, there is an option to open a credit card with them. I also really love getting tips from them on building my credit and appreciate the education they provide.

Another thing that really helped was getting a parent to add me as an Authorized User on an account they have held for a while. This is a tip my financial counselor gave me, since it will help to establish the length of accounts. Please note that you should consult a professional before making any decisions and that this does not constitute advice at any level. If you sign up for Self, I do receive a small referral credit.

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