Flower Child Scottsdale

This Fox Concept is located in California & Arizona

Sharing an old blog post from 2017 🙂

Flower Child has so many options (salads, sides, bowls) to match with proteins (salmon, chicken, beef) for the creation of a healthy meal. I enjoyed their avocado toast, made on gluten free bread (it was really good) and one of their lemonades (also to die for).

This place prides itself on being a healthy, casual fast food place. Let me tell you, they are really quick and the food is phenomenal! At first, it looked like a little bit, but being that you’re eating whole foods, you get full really quickly! My favorite thing they have is their Indian spiced cauliflower! But literally, everything I tried was so good and so flavorful! Their menu is also not intimidating (like many other healthy places), as it’s consisted of all things that normal people feel comfortable eating.