The Drop: My 1st Amazon Wardrobe Try-On

Featured Pieces

The Drop Women’s Ilana Loose Sleeveless Wide-Hem Poplin Maxi Dress

The Drop Women’s Avery Square Toe Two Strap High Heeled Sandal

All About The Drop

If you’re not familiar with The Drop, it’s Amazon’s new clothing line that features made-on-demand clothing only available during 30-hour “drops.” As a supply chain major, I learned about the benefits of made-on-demand clothing in reducing waste for the fashion industry (and for other industries). If you are unfamiliar, made-on-demand is a fulfillment method that only produces items once orders have been placed. I love this because it reduces the need for the guessing that results in unnecessary inventory (which usually results in unwanted items being pushed out via sales), instead gauging customer interest pre-production. What I especially love about The Drop is that Amazon features a variety of global influencers who design their own collections that showcase their personality and location.

I just put in my second order and I can’t wait to use this Prime benefit. I haven’t really been going to the mall and trying on clothes as I normally do, so this was the perfect time for me to try Prime Wardrobe.

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