Plants by Glendale Elise

Elise Kwon features the plants in her Los Angeles home

So, I’m honestly not that much of a plant lady – I really need to learn. But luckily, my name sister from Los Angeles is. Look at how cute the plants in her home are!

I met Elise when I was in Glendale and have been following her on Instagram ever since. She posts amazing cooking videos and I love her makeup.

Some of the plant shops that she frequents are:

Plants from Rainbow

821 N Spring St, Ste 168A

Los Angeles, California

This is a mom & pop shop rooted in LA since 1994. They are focused on growing together and feature a variety of monsteras.

Mickey Hargitay Plants

1255 North Sycamore Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Mickey’s Plants really has a variety of everything from succulents, to flowers, to outdoor anchor items. Their Instagram features a number of cats, which is also super cute.

SarahCotta Plants

401 N Verdugo Rd A

Glendale, CA 91206

Style is everything at SarahCotta Plants in Glendale. With much more attention to design elements surrounding the home garden, there are a number of planters featured here.

KimThai Garden

821 N Spring St #168H

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Located in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, KimThai offers large indoor plants. How cute is this baby!

Healthy Breakfast for a Dose of Energy

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the easiest ways that you can take care of your mental and physical health. By starting the day off right, you can easily give yourself the energy you need to make it through the day.

Keep scrolling to for healthy breakfast recipes that are easy to make and extremely healthy as well!

Overnight Oats and Fruits:

This is an overnight grab and go recipe that requires minimum effort.

1 part oats

1 part milk

1/8th part of chia seeds

1 full tablespoon of Greek yogurt

Topping of your choice (fruits and nuts) 

Take an airtight jar and add oats, milk (of your choice), and chia seeds. Then add a fully loaded spoon of Greek yogurt into the glass jar or bowl. You can also add vanilla extract, sweetener of your choice, or any other toppings like berries, banana, apple slices, or nuts.

Banana and Berries Smoothie:

Once again, this is another easy to make recipe that takes less than five minutes on a hastening morning.



1 Banana

½ cup Yogurt

½ cup Milk 

Add a handful of frozen blueberries and a bunch of frozen blackberries. Then add 1 banana and blend with yogurt. Stir and add milk of your choice and remix it. 

Voila! Your 5 minutes of breakfast is ready to eat.

Your Next Go-To Fruit Bowl:

As a cherry on top, here is another minimal recipe to try today!

Slice and toss your favorite fruits in a bowl. Drizzle some honey and sprinkle chia seeds on top and enjoy your delicious bowl of fruits! 

This recipe works wonderfully with any sort of fruit combination. However, our favorite combo is,



Red grapes




To add a sweet and tangy flavor, drizzle honey and lime on top and mix lightly.

Bridal // Wedding Edition I

For the post-COVID brides

I can’t really write a lot today, so instead I’ll mood board for you.

If you’re planning a post-COVID wedding, it will likely be outdoors and intimate. Whether you just got married or engaged, or if you had to postpone your wedding plans – we hope our page focused on weddings will inspire you. Here are three cute styles—


Alicia Lucia Photography


Alicia Lucia Photography


Sofreh Aghd table
Wedding Chicks

Nature often evokes romanticism and all three of these settings highlight a beautiful setting created by God. I can’t wait for June 2022 when more traditional weddings will be allowed to return.

Over the next (nearly) two years, we will be documenting the bridal & wedding lifestyle and what goes into this life process. Being a wedding creative director or spiritual advisor has been a dream of mine, and I’ve been interested for a few years now.

Growing up, I was obsessed with being a flower girl and I want to help people to plan celebratory events that convene loved ones, express individuality, and create lasting memories for the entire family.

Styled Elopements is a wedding planning company that is perfect for the couple that is willing to have a super-intimate experience, at a much sooner date. They offer a number of packages and styles to choose from- perfect for a couple that doesn’t have time to do much planning.

Small Guest Lists | Extraordinary Impact
A Planning Process As Seamless As It Gets
Dream Big + Show Up | We’ve got the rest.

I want to send a thank you to the team at Styled Elopements. I love anthuriums – they were my grandmother’s favorite flower and grow abundantly on the Big Isle of Hawaii. They kindly sent these postcards to me. I love picking up postcards as I travel and think that wedding postcards would be the cutest idea!

Stay tuned for more wedding vibes <3<3<3

Wake Me Up When September Ends

With Labor Day marking the end of summer, we have descended into autumn for the year. 2020 has been quite the ride! It seems that we will all remember this strange year for decades to come.

Starting a new decade is quite a big deal – albeit nothing like starting a new century. There is so much possibility and excitement surrounding what’s to come… yet, reality sets in when I realize that in Hawaii we are still locked down. Our country has always enjoyed planning for the future and this season has revealed our resiliency.

Twenty years has gone so fast.

Green Day

The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 shaped the 21st century in ways that few other events have been able to do. I was six years old when the twin towers fell. I would like to take the time to thank all of those who have served our country so courageously. It is because of your sacrifice that we get to live free.

How God Helps Me Do Laundry

My least favorite chore is laundry >.< God helps me to do my laundry because without Him I can really do nothing. I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where I enjoy doing laundry. But you never know.

I pray for the strength and the power to do things that I cannot do. What do you need help with throughout the day?

P.S.: The laundry machines in Japan are nice. I’d like to see our country start producing quality appliances again.

Slow Fashion: PETAL + ASH

Hear from Micki, the founder of PETAL + ASH.

Addressing the negative effects of fast fashion is important for our present and future. At Feminine Digest, we support creators who are focused on social responsibility. We wanted to share a short interview we conducted with Micki Weiner, a budding entrepreneur in the slow fashion space.

Please tell me about your passions and about PETAL + ASH.
I’ve spent most of my life as a professional dancer, and for the last six years I was on tour with the Phantom of the Opera. While on tour, I saw a lot of the country––and saw a lot of the ways different cities and states functioned. I loved how sustainably forward the west coast was, but at heart I’ve always been a New Yorker! I’ve also always been an environmentalist, and over the past ten years I’ve become more and more passionate about the cause. I don’t have a formal fashion background, but as a side hustle I started dying baby onesies and scarves––which led me into the world of natural dyes. As I got deeper into natural dyes, I started to dream about ways I could combine my creative passions into something tangible that could help make a difference and help change the narrative of what it means to be ethical and sustainable. I love bras, and some brainstorming and research led me to realize that there was this gap between sustainable options, which are mostly basics, and more feminine options, that are beautiful but largely unsustainable. That’s how the idea for Petal + Ash, an ethical and sustainable lingerie brand, was born.

I love that your brand focuses on being ethical, sustainable, and natural. Is there anything you want to highlight?
I keep saying that we can’t stop people from consuming, so we have to change how and what they consume. Nobody is going to buy a bra just because it’s sustainable. People still want comfort, a good fit, and to feel sexy. My hope is that Petal + Ash can deliver on these fronts, and show the world that sustainability can be fun and sexy. It’s not a “this or that” conversation; you can totally have both!

You are set to launch in 2021. What are the things you are focusing on?
Working to launch a brand in the time of Covid certainly is interesting. In some ways, there are a lot of challenges with everything going online. But in other ways, the current remote live/work situation can also be used to our advantage. So I’m focused on how to best move forward in this new normal, for both myself and the brand. Right now the main focus is on product development, so I can bring my vision to life in the best way possible. That, and building a brand following! 

What advice do you have to any female entrepreneurs that are wanting to get started with a project of their own?
Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission. If in your gut you know you’ve got a great idea, then be bold and go for it. Do tons of research and be prepared for a lot of ups and downs. And most importantly, pace yourself so that you can stay focused and motivated, without getting burned out. I’m always amazed at how the ideas flow, after taking a solid day off! 

Please feel free to share anything else.
You can head to to sign up for email exclusive updates and be the first to know when we launch. You can also follow us on Instagram (@petalandash). 

Featured Stylist: Marina Interlandi

Quarantine may be the perfect time for a makeover

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A post shared by Marina Interlandi (@interlandistyle) on

Whether you like quarantine fashion or not, life works differently in this age and likely calls for a different set of clothes. Fall has always been my favorite season, with back-to-school shopping and buzzing change.

Marina Interlandi (@interlandistyle) is a stylist out of Los Angeles, California. She says: Hi everyone! My name is Marina Interlandi I am an owner of 1st Class Tailors  located at 11701 Wilshire Blvd La Ca  90025. I have been in business for 28 years. In addition to doing alterations, I have a deep rooted passion for closet makeovers, personal styling and shopping.  Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction to transform someone to a better version of themselves. 

We love connecting with people that have a passion for what they do. Whether you decide to reach out to a professional to help you with your wardrobe, or simply take creative control yourself, we’d love to hear about your favorite trends.

The Best Kitchen Hand Soap

I love sharing my favorite household products with you. Since more people are cooking during quarantine, I wanted to share a product that I have been using.

Thyme Gel Handwash

A few years ago, I was on a mission to find a kitchen soap that would make my hands feel really clean while I was cooking. You may know the feeling of not quite being able to rinse off some texture that just sticks.

That’s why I was so glad to find this method thyme gel handwash. It actually leaves your hands feeling completely refreshed and ready to tackle the next task. I highly recommend stocking up on this product!

Future: Healthcare Coverage for Marijuana

Will your health insurer soon pay for pot/pakalolo/reefer?

This is an essay I wrote for my Cannabis Law & Policy class. Each of us were assigned a different state to write about. I was assigned to Ohio, which was particularly interesting due to its large veteran population and locality.

Image for post
Waimea, HI

With the adoption of medical marijuana policies in the majority of American states, and the general acknowledgment of its healing and medicinal purposes, I advocate for the subsidization of cannabis by health insurance companies. Not only will this allow insurees to choose the treatment program that is most effective for them — which will provide them with the highest level of care — but this also has the potential to save health insurers money usually expended on pharmaceutical expenses. Socially, this will revolutionize the marijuana conversation because it will solidify marijuana’s medicinal uses. It will also unlock the potential of many Americans whose lights are currently being dimmed by pharmaceutical drugs that are debilitating and addictive. Economically, this will decrease healthcare spending. Lastly, this will improve the health of patients who will have access to natural medicine.

Many patients have expressed how medicinal marijuana has helped them with anything from chronic pain to mental challenges like PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, people who currently suffer from chronic pain are being prescribed painkillers, which are addictive and debilitatingly strong. This has resulted in the opioid epidemic that is currently facing our country, and many have advocated for the use of marijuana to treat those with substance abuse disorders. Patients have expressed that marijuana provides more effective treatment than the pharmaceutical drugs they are currently being prescribed. They describe the effects of marijuana as milder, with less side effects and more control over intake. Despite these benefits, due to out-of-pocket price differences, many patients are currently opting to continue taking prescription medications for pain even though they are harmful to them. Although these patients know that they are not taking the medication that is best for them and their condition, they are forced to out of financial necessity. Additionally, those facing monetary constraints often find that they are spending more out-of-pocket for healthcare because they are now paying full price for their medicines — rather than having them subsidized by their health insurer.

People should be empowered to choose the best options for treatment and should not be influenced by finances when making these decisions. As evidenced, health insurers should respond to best meet the needs of their patients. One way for them to do this is to extend medical insurance coverage to marijuana to provide their patients with freedom of choice. Providing subsidized copays for medical marijuana, as done for pharmaceutical drugs, would disrupt the current healthcare industry.

If insurance providers — including the VA — could subsidize patients’ marijuana costs, they could save more in the long-term by shifting a large amount of spending currently being used for the purchase of pharmaceuticals. Prescription pharmaceuticals, particularly painkillers and antipsychotic medications are known to be expensive, the prices of which are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who seek to subsidize their very expensive research and development processes. However, the cannabis industry does not have the same complexities, as cannabis is a crop — and thus the industry follows a completely different business model — not needing a patent process which otherwise secures market monopolization for pharmaceutical companies. Many of the pharmaceutical companies are actually expanding and taking over cannabis companies. That, in itself, should reflect that marijuana has medicinal purposes.

Healthcare and economics are intertwined in this country, and marijuana has the propensity to disrupt the industry. States that have large veteran populations, like Ohio, can truly integrate marijuana into their healthcare systems through allowing insurance coverage for purchases of medical marijuana. Veterans are a special group of people who, socially, may be able to catalyst this change because of their high status as decorated heroes. Due to their unique trauma from military service for the safety of our county, which often results in both physical and psychological disabilities, impairments, or challenges, veterans are the perfect group to champion this policy. This revolutionary policy shift could also be an avenue for the VA to garner positive support, as they have historically been cited for not providing adequate care to our veterans. Nationally, Ohio is a particular state that has the ability to shape the conversation surrounding this issue because they have such a large veteran population and their state is often looked to as a moderate position.

Socially, if insurance companies extend coverage to medicinal marijuana, more people will be able to choose the best treatment option for them. Furthermore, as many patients have said, this will allow people to be more productive in their daily lives. Patients will be more present and capable of fostering better relationships with their family, friends, coworkers, and the like. Additionally, the adoption of this policy would further the social movement to accept the use of marijuana. However, this may create a need for more research concerning driving under the influence and education on the effects of safe consumption.

As previously stated, economically, insuring medicinal marijuana would allow both healthcare insurers and patients to expend less on medicines due to the lower cost of marijuana. The pharmaceutical industry may thus oppose this change in order to protect their investments in the research and development of other drugs. However, they are realizing that they should be involved in this industry as well. However, because our healthcare system provides a misaligned compensation structure, pharmaceutical companies may still oppose this matter — although they would seek to possibly make more money off of marijuana because they would no longer need to invest largely in research and development. Generally, the integration of marijuana into our healthcare system could actually decrease spending by a great deal and create a more sustainable model for providing treatment that does not rely so heavily on the development of new drugs.

There are many positive health effects that can result from the adoption of this policy. Patients can improve their health by reducing the amount of opioids, strong painkillers, and psychoactive drugs they consume. There may be some concerns about the negative health effects that may result from smoking, overdosing, or developing a reliance. As a society, this would be a huge step toward removing the stigma that still lingers around medical marijuana. Additionally, this would allow more patients access to treatment that can be preventative rather than responsive. For instance, there have been reports of marijuana aiding in bodily recovery from exercise. Assisting people to exercise will boost health and wellness overall. This can also possibly be applied to mental health and wellness — as CBD is now being widely sold as such.

In conclusion, if health insurance companies — like the VA — want to demonstrate their support of their patients, they should subsidize medicinal marijuana purchases. This will unlock freedom of choice for their patients, who are currently being constrained to outdated options because the healthcare system has not caught up with policy. Now that medical marijuana is legal, health insurers should find a way to assist their patients in obtaining the best treatment for them. Although they may face some difficulties, there should be creative mechanisms by which they can help patients get the medicine they need. Many, who take either painkillers or psychoactive drugs, have attested to the fact that marijuana is better at treating their symptoms and what they would choose if they had the financial freedom to. We, as a society, should not be subjecting people to this — they should be able to choose the best treatment plan for them and not have to worry about their finances. Health insurance companies bear the burden and should accordingly provide assistance for those who need medical marijuana.