Access Considerations for 2021 Homebuyers

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Be sure not to overlook these…

Access to clean water.

Increasingly, we will begin to see that a home’s access to clean water will become very valuable. Recently, water became a traded commodity, like precious metals. A clean water crisis may overtake our country. There are regions where clean water is the norm, but increased pollution has caused many water sources to be poisoned. It’s easy to feel the water quality in a place by taking a shower there. When I lived in Arizona, the water quality was poor and there was “hard” water. This had a noticeable negative affect on my hair and skin. Additionally, for those purchasing land, the location of a well usually makes a plot much more valuable.

Access to cellular service.

There are still pockets, usually near nature preserves, where cellular service is spotty or doesn’t exist. Whether you want to stay in an area that has service everywhere (which is understandable) or you want to go off-grid, you should test your phone out when visiting a property. Off-grid living is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those who want to unplug and enjoy their privacy. There are definitely levels of going “off-grid” but that’s mine lol. I love the YouTube channel Off Grid Hawaii.

Access to health care.

Depending on how reliant you are on health and wellness services, this may vary in importance. However, if you’re looking to retire in a new state, be sure that you speak to people about this before you arrive as it is likely you will age into this system. It would also be great for you to have a plan in place to respond to any future need for assisted living.

A Modern Desert Abode in Summerlin

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Riley Keohen just bought his first home in Nevada for $3.3 million

New homeowner Riley Keohen at his Summerlin home, January 2021.

Riley Keohen enjoys one of the outdoor living spaces at his recently acquired home in the Las Vegas area. One of his favorite features of the property is its wraparound infinity pool.

Keohen moved to Las Vegas for college from Huntington Beach, California and has stayed ever since. With a degree in Hospitality Management from UNLV, he is currently an investor and poker player.

Making his first real estate purchase during the COVID-19 era, Keohen bought this house for far under market value at a sale price of $3,300,000.

The home came furnished, and features a large art collection that continues to bring beauty to the space.

Located in Falcon Hills, the house has a wonderful entertainment space fitted with state-of-the-art audio & visual equipment, as well as a projector screen, Stella Artois keg, and professional sports memorabilia.

Keohen entertains guest, Clay Lamberton. Mr. Lamberton works for MGM in conference sales.

The upstairs living area includes bedrooms, a living space, a wet bar, and a home gym. In addition to a shuffleboard table, the new owner plans to install a poker table for home games.

The house was sold by a French musician with its fabulous wine collection. The wine cellar serves as the backdrop for a dining space.

This modern residence is located in a gated golf course community. Summerlin is in the Las Vegas Valley of Southern Nevada. It lies at the edge of the Spring Mountains with Red Rock Canyon to the west.

Riley currently shares the space with his English Bulldog, Fendi. “It’s hard not to love it.” I agree! Thank you, Riley & Fendi! Enjoy your new space!

January 2021: San Francisco Neighborhoods

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The market for homes in the city remains affected by COVID-19.

The San Francisco real estate market has historically been one of the best in the world. However, in recent years, markets in urban centers started to taper due to decreased amounts of foreign investment. In particular, it became increasingly difficult for the Chinese to get money out of their country – even just for a down payment. Being that San Francisco and New York real estate was largely fueled by investors, losing rental income can vastly affect the efficacy of their business.

Yet, for those who have been waiting patiently for the right wave, interest rate lows mean that larger borrowers will benefit from access to capital. There are many podcasts on house hacking, real estate investing, and on purchasing your first home.

I wanted to share some of my favorite San Francisco neighborhoods. Whether you’re thinking about renting a place, buying a home, or starting a real estate business, Miya Real Estate hopes that this breakdown of some attractive neighborhoods is helpful!


SoMa, or South of Market, is a vast industrial district with a warehouse feel. It encompasses Mission Bay and South Beach, newly gentrified areas. Surrounding Yerba Buena Gardens on Mission and 3rd is an arts center, convention center, and several museums – including the acclaimed San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The area is dotted with coffee shops, dining options, and traditional retail outlets.

Perfect for gym lovers, museum hoppers, and takeout orderers.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf, on the northern waterfront, is one of the city’s tourist attractions. Souvenir shops and sourdough bread-bowl vendors, plus postcard views of the bay, Golden Gate, and Alcatraz make this a buzzing place. Near the pier, there is a colony of sea lions to see and listen to, along with historic ships and buildings. At Ghirardelli Square, fine boutiques and eateries reside in the famed former chocolate factory.

Perfect for seafood eaters, boutique shoppers, and water lovers.

The Mission

Named after 1776-built Mission Dolores, the Mission District is an exuberant, evolving neighborhood with Latino roots. Vibrant murals are your backdrop and vendors line the streets. Learn more about the history of this district.

Perfect for taco junkies, bicyclists, and evolvers.