God of Restoration


God is a Restorer 💚

The enemy comes to kill, steal & destroy – but doesn’t pale in comparison to the power & might of the Almighty.

In this life, challenges are planned for our development, growth & testing. However, God uses all things for good. The enemy wants to remind us of our stumbling blocks, of our past mistakes, and of our evil desires – but God wants us to see ourselves & others in His light.

God doesn’t see you as an addict. God doesn’t see you as violent. God doesn’t see you as a slave. God sees you as His perfect child.

Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

We all have our own shortcomings, but we have to keep in mind that were perfectly designed by God. Allowing ourselves to be imperfect is freeing. We can make space for who God is.

It forces us to rely on God’s grace because we simply do not measure up. And we cannot ever measure up on our own. We need God’s goodness to fill in the spaces where we are lacking.

It forces us to admit: I have earned nothing, but have only received what was freely given.

Don’t Let Discouragement Win


The enemy comes to steal our Hope because it’s effective…

If you have a dream, one that could make a positive difference, you will likely face opposition – even from the least likely of sources. I believe that all the trials we face ultimately help to develop us into who God intends for us to be.

So how do you properly respond to this?

I think it’s important for us to remember that facing opposition doesn’t mean that we are bad or wrong. Rather, when the enemy comes against us – the reasoning is quite the opposite. For the enemy does not come for anything that isn’t worthwhile; he works hardest to tear down the ones who are working for God. Too often, we have seen amazing ministries lose traction because of sin committed by their leadership. However, we must not turn away from people when they err. Instead, we must lean into them even more and give them the forgiveness, understanding, and love that we enjoy from God.

As believers, we choose to fix ourselves on the only truly firm foundation. We can overcome all discouragement, trials, and enemies through the power of Christ Jesus. Look back on how far you’ve come, remember your why, and ask God to get you through! I will build my life upon your love it is a firm foundation. I will put my trust in you alone & I will not be shaken.

Returning to Anchor


It was amazing to return to worship after a year away from this church!

If you’ve ever driven on the east side of Oahu at night, you may have noticed a lit up cross at the bottom of the Koolaus. This is where Anchor Church, one of my favorite places to worship, is.

Anchor has literally been just that for me over the last three years. Friday night services were there for me when I was trying to change my lifestyle, giving me a positive space to turn to on the weekends. There is also a specific worship night that I remember where I was going through a lot and felt God & His people all around me.

As we reopen, remain plugged into what God wants from you. Give yourself opportunities to hear Him!

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

Wednesday Affirmations


You are good because God made you. Your record has been expunged. Your shortcomings don’t matter.

Wednesday always feels like a holy day to me 🤍 Growing up, we’d start the day with a short chapel service. I miss having chapel in the mornings- it’s such a centering practice that at the time seemed like an obligation. But in reality, it’s spiritual food we need to get through the day.

How funny it is that appreciation sometimes takes a decade.

Being Alone Means Being With God


When God calls us to spend more time with Him, do we choose to lean in?

If you’ve ever gone through a season of change, I’m sure that you’ve quickly realized that your surroundings include the people around you. Whether you’re changing your lifestyle, moving cities, or starting a new chapter, a huge part of our lives as humans involves our friends and peers. With COVID, and the tightening of social freedom, many have had to give up social interaction for almost a year.

However, God uses everything for good, and I believe that He is using this time to develop you, to bring you into His presence, and to help you prepare in this season. In today’s life, with people having so many life commitments and responsibilities like their families, friends, and jobs, we are so interconnected. This is ultimately a good thing because we are meant to do life together and live in community. But have we gotten caught up in what is of this world, and even of this day?

How do you spend time alone with God? Do you make time for Him, or do you wait for Him to take hold of you? Having a relationship is a conscious decision that requires consistent effort and communication. I feel like sometimes it’s so easy to go a few days without talking to God, but it can be so detrimental! More than ever, as we reopen, we need to stay rooted in Christ and remember all that we’ve learned this past year.

The Perfect Paiko Day

Fashion, Spirit

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Honestly, with views & weather like this, it’s hard not to appreciate the perfect days God blesses us with. I feel God telling me that everything is going to be okay.

Being in such a beautiful & serene place, you’re able to really feel the presence of peace! So many people have been telling me that there is anointing in the valley. There is life – there is abundance. There may not be a view like at the top of a mountain, but there is water, nutrients, and lushness. Being in a financially uncertain time, I definitely feel that despite the challenges God has provided over and above anything I could have ever wished for.

As we start another week of Lent, I am recommitting myself to my walk with Jesus. I think that this is something we really don’t talk about enough – how often we need to be renewed! It’s been easy to let things slip day-after-day, and truthfully I haven’t been living as closely to God as I hope to. I really want to spend more time in His word because I feel like I get so much out of it.

After such a powerful experience last weekend, I felt that the enemy was working to attack me and bring me down. Emotionally, mentally. But being able to turn to Jesus has really been the ultimate gamechanger… the only One who is able to calm me down & drape His love over me until I’m whole again!

This year, I feel God moving more than ever before. Last year, with the pandemic, we saw so many people renew their faith and restart their walk with God. However, I believe that the ripple effects of this have yet to be seen as we being to witness more family members, friends, and peers being saved because of the change they witness in us.

No matter what the enemy tries to do to derail us, let us continue to proclaim the glory of GOD in every situation… in imprisonment, during abuse, and while celebrating.

I love you so much and hope you have a great week! By the way, I just launched Kolea Swim‘s first product! Be the first to order this limited edition kini 🙂 Use password: Jesus to enter the site!

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Growing a Self-Sustaining Ministry: Surfing the Nations

Entrepreneurship, Spirit

This morning, I got the chance to chat with Tom Bauer, who founded Surfing The Nations with his wife Cindy

The Thruster Model

The first time I visited Surfers Coffee, the cashier shared a little with me about the three-pronged approach that this coffee shoppe in Wahiawa had. I got to chat more with Tom Bauer, the Founder of Surfing The Nations, about The Thruster Model. The model of work is based on the revolutionary design of the “Thruster” surfboard. This surfboard was created in the 1980’s and changed surf history forever with its three fins, perfectly representing the threefold DNA of Surf The Nations (STN). The Thruster Model is comprised of:

  2. A NON-PROFIT, and

I love the idea of growing the influence of Jesus through business and community. With a focus on humanitarian efforts and serving individuals, The Bauers continue to equip the next generation to pursue a radical lifestyle of selfless service and meeting needs in communities globally.

I didn’t get a photo of my aesthetic dirty chai this morning, but here’s an old photo of a faithful Waialua pourover ❤

Self-Sustaining Ministry

Tom hopes to inspire other Christians to create businesses that ultimately develop the character of the lives they touch. What started as something small, has grown into an organization that employs over 60 people and operates a coffee shop, antique store, and residential housing.

God is continuing to grow The Bauers’ stewardship in Wahiawa, as they recently acquired a century-old hotel that will be restored. Tom is an avid collector and attributes his business’ success and growth to the generosity of the community and people around him. I love supporting this faith-based business, which is the perfect stop on the way to the North Shore!

Redemptive Growth

Probably the most inspirational part about the story is the redemption that this development provides the surrounding community. The location of Surfers Coffee actually used to be a strip club. Additionally, the residential housing, that now houses students, was once a brothel. When STN first opened up in Wahiawa, they operated alongside a porn store and a liquor store. Eventually, those businesses offered to sell their spaces and they were subsequently converted. I love the way that they have spruced up the place & it’s amazing to see how God turns graves into gardens!

STN is definitely an inspiration to EHK and we look forward to seeing what’s next for them! Thanks for the amazing coffee talk and inspiration, Tom!

Faith Over Fear


I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend Arise!

I am so thankful for such a great second night of Arise Conference where we got to hear from more amazing speakers. It was my first time hearing Pastor Lisa Bevere speak, though I love her books and audiobooks!

It was just so powerful to see how God uses other women in our lives to help us to grow and mature so that we can be complete in every way, and lacking in nothing. Generations really are a beautiful thing, as we are able to help sharpen and uplift one another.

I’m so grateful to all of the pioneering women leaders that have come before me, and for such an amazing spiritual experience. I feel so blessed to be living in a time like this where there are these empowering spaces and communities. Although I didn’t meet anyone at conference (I’m shy), I was really glad to just feel the energies of other women in the room. It’s funny that being in a room with other people is something to get excited about post-COVID, but I really believe that we are meant to have that human connection.

As Hawaii reopens, I’m glad that we have been able to hold on to the one thing that is real, that is steadfast, and that is good – God’s love. This last year, I have experienced and witnessed so much growth and I just know that God is so real and is so present. I hope that I can learn to be more present this year, to really sit with the challenges I face instead of running from them, and to stay disciplined in faith.



Arise Women’s Conference, Day 1 Reflection


God had a message for me tonight… to stop running. I’ve often run from pain, people, and places. This year, I feel called to do things differently.

2 years ago, I was attending Anchor Church when they mentioned a women’s conference that caught my attention. Although I didn’t make it that year, I’m glad that I was able to this year. And especially today, I was really ready for this word.

It’s surreal how God has sifted through so many parts of my life – and of me – in such a short amount of time. Looking back, I’m almost unrecognizable. In 2019, I was enslaved to partying, toxic friendships, and self-harm. I saw absolutely no way out. Although my life isn’t perfect now, and I definitely still falter from time to time, even I am awed by the glory and power of God. He demonstrated to me that He really is the only One who can handle everything and who can save and deliver anyone from any situation! And not just that He can, but that He will

For those of you who don’t know my story, I grew up attending Christian schools but never wholeheartedly gave myself to Jesus until I was 25 years old and baptized with the Holy Spirit. I started answering Jesus’ call when I was 22 years old at Arizona State University and was baptized with water in 2019 during my time in law school. I have since been on a healing journey as one who was recently born-again.

Jedidiah Thurner, who also delivered a powerful message at tonight’s conference, spoke about healing a splinter. You can’t just slap a bandaid on it – you need to pull it out first! This hit home for me. Especially as someone who is used to running from – or drowning – my pain, I recognize the need to remove what’s toxic, what’s stuck, what’s hurting in order to truly heal. Coming out of Day 1 of the Arise Conference, I feel like I’m ready for another breakthrough!

The devil works hard, but Lisa Kai prays harder 💐 Thank you to the amazing Inspire Waikele team for hosting this empowering event for women of all ages.