Losing to Gain

Sometimes things are more right than you realize

Koolau Mountain Range, Oahu

It’s trending on Twitter that many who had saved up a rainy day fund, as they should, are facing its depletion. I don’t know why this jumped out at me so much, but it did.

Have you ever felt like you were doing everything right but still losing? It’s like being a “sand cookie” (Admiral William McRaven’s Make Your Bed) – life will sometimes toss you around for no apparent reason. The sooner we learn to accept life for what it is, we are free to actually move forward.

How many times have you needed to lose “everything” to gain it all?

As humans, something about us is just naturally off. We focus on the things we think are important in this life. Yet we struggle to pay any mind to what really matters.

It’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most

Not where you live, what you drive or the price tag on your clothes

There’s no dollar sign on a peace of mind, this I’ve come to know

Chicken Fried, Zac Brown Band

While we face financial uncertainty as a whole, may God give us a spirit of endurance so that we can testify to His unwavering strength. May He help us to realign and to shift focus to what truly matters – His peace, our love for others, and the cultivation of Spirit.

Every challenge we face in life, we can face peacefully because we know that God has already won. God is in control. Let us bring this message forth to the world.

Keep On Keeping On

Powering through uncertain times

Elise in Acacia at Kailua

Having faith when times are uncertain can be tough. It’s something I’m dealing with today… what does the future hold for me? Where will I live, what will I do, who will I be?

The song Que Sera Sera comes to mind.

Whatever will be will be. God is always in control. It’s time for us to realize it, to embrace it, and to surrender to it.

If we take on all the concerns of our day to day life, it’s too much for anyone to handle! That’s where God comes in.

One of my favorite songs is Just a Closer Walk With Thee says, “I am weak but thou art strong.” It’s a beautiful thought to know that our weakness reveals God’s strength.

How is God revealing His power to you?

The Power of Fellowship

Wherever two or three gather…

Being that I still consider myself a new believer, fellowship has been difficult for me to establish. I visit numerous churches and haven’t joined a small group. My sister in Christ, Nicole, who I actually knew before coming back to the fold, was recently telling me about how she was looking to be more involved in the church, as well.

For those who are shy, or just not ready to take things to the next level, finding just one friend at church can make a huge difference. You’ll have someone to sit next to during service, and you can stay updated on each other’s lives.

The text pictured above is one illustration of how this relationship has been such a light to my life. Before I decided to give my life to God, I really didn’t have any people I could talk to about spirituality. The majority of my friendships in law school were centered around partying and that was my world. Luckily, God brings just the right people into your life- just when you need them.

Who’s in your corner? During some of the lowest points in my life, I felt that I had no support. However, feeling alone in this world allows you to truly be the most secure through fully leaning on the power of God. The thing about the Lord is that He is always in your corner – and, He is all powerful and has already won the war!

Who’s in your circle? Do the people around you inspire you, want the best for you, and uplift you? Or do you have a cage, instead?

Who’s in your heart? Having Jesus in your heart can truly bring you peace like no other. If you care a lot about others, that’s fine- so long as God remains #1.

Accountability is my personal favorite thing about fellowship, as I need it more than most. Having others to hold me to my beliefs, to help me when I’m feeling down, and to walk with me through different chapters is a huge blessing. I hope you are all able to connect and fellowship during this time.

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.

Matthew 18:20

Sunset Stroll at Waimānalo

Grateful for the beautiful sunsets here on Oahu

One of my favorite places to start at end my days is Waimānalo Beach. This is a broad sandy beach on the east side of Oahu.

This evening, there were people fishing, body boarding, and walking as the sun went down on another beautiful and blessed day here in Hawaii.

Over the last six months, there have been many ups and downs. Luckily, routine can provide us with the solace that we need from the stress and craziness of this oft overwhelming life.

God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening. And there was morning – the second day.

Genesis 1:8

God is the ultimate creator, the most talented artist, and the great refresher. Through feeling His presence, we are able to be renewed and restored. We are able to truly become the individuals that God created us to be.

In what ways do you experience God in your everyday life?

Presidential Debate: Universal Healthcare


Healthcare for all & investing in our community’s wellness should be a priority that our nation deals with next presidential term. I went to see my dermatologist today, and saw this painting of koi in the waiting room.

I love a beautiful koi pond. Over the summer, I visited the temple my Japanese ancestors used to worship at in Wood Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. Koi are very domestic and beautiful. They interact well with one another and it seems that the health of the whole pond matters. May our society be more like this ❤

Going back out into the world, I realize how much I missed it. The whole year has nearly passed and I hope that I’ve grown during this time for the better.

Spiritually, I feel that I have been maturing and discovering myself in Christ. I’m excited to be moving and to continue living the life that I’m called to.

I also want to share today’s YouVersion verse of the day, which I love-

“You forgave the iniquity of your people and covered all their sins.”

Psalm 85:2

I am looking forward to using the life changes I’m going thru to help me evolve into who God wants me to be. We can use everything as a learning lesson.