Returning to Anchor


It was amazing to return to worship after a year away from this church!

If you’ve ever driven on the east side of Oahu at night, you may have noticed a lit up cross at the bottom of the Koolaus. This is where Anchor Church, one of my favorite places to worship, is.

Anchor has literally been just that for me over the last three years. Friday night services were there for me when I was trying to change my lifestyle, giving me a positive space to turn to on the weekends. There is also a specific worship night that I remember where I was going through a lot and felt God & His people all around me.

As we reopen, remain plugged into what God wants from you. Give yourself opportunities to hear Him!

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

Support Our Gen Z Ministry!


We can’t wait to reach more people now that Hawaii has reopened.

Yesterday, there were some changes that went into effect here in Hawaii. Bekah & I decided to go out for a chill night in Palolo since it’s been so long!

We had the chance to run into a group of students & decided to do some outreach with them! New to the island, these were such sweet and lighthearted individuals (even though I didn’t win at Gamecube). Blessings to Steven, Lucas, Spence & the boys! They attend One Love and love Pastor Waxer.

Miya is excited about reaching young adults & students. This is partially because Gen Z is most likely to say that faith has been “important” during the pandemic. Invest in reaching Gen Z where they’re at by supporting our ministry!


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Wednesday Affirmations


You are good because God made you. Your record has been expunged. Your shortcomings don’t matter.

Wednesday always feels like a holy day to me 🤍 Growing up, we’d start the day with a short chapel service. I miss having chapel in the mornings- it’s such a centering practice that at the time seemed like an obligation. But in reality, it’s spiritual food we need to get through the day.

How funny it is that appreciation sometimes takes a decade.

Establishing Boundaries

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Boundaries define who we are and who we are not…

Learning how to set boundaries with yourself and others is a huge part of growing up. Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. Thus, boundaries define who we are and who we are not.

Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who is allowed to touch us or enter our space, and under what circumstances; Mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts and opinions; Emotional boundaries help us to deal with our own emotions and disengage from the harmful, manipulative, or negative emotions of others; and, Spiritual boundaries help us to distinguish God’s will from our own and give us the redemption and renewal we need for this life.

Often, Christians focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations. This has definitely been something I’ve struggled with personally. However, it is important to consider these questions:

– Can I set limits and still be a loving person?
– What are legitimate boundaries?
– What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries?
– How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money?
– Aren’t boundaries selfish?
– Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries?

Outfit Details

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Being Alone Means Being With God


When God calls us to spend more time with Him, do we choose to lean in?

If you’ve ever gone through a season of change, I’m sure that you’ve quickly realized that your surroundings include the people around you. Whether you’re changing your lifestyle, moving cities, or starting a new chapter, a huge part of our lives as humans involves our friends and peers. With COVID, and the tightening of social freedom, many have had to give up social interaction for almost a year.

However, God uses everything for good, and I believe that He is using this time to develop you, to bring you into His presence, and to help you prepare in this season. In today’s life, with people having so many life commitments and responsibilities like their families, friends, and jobs, we are so interconnected. This is ultimately a good thing because we are meant to do life together and live in community. But have we gotten caught up in what is of this world, and even of this day?

How do you spend time alone with God? Do you make time for Him, or do you wait for Him to take hold of you? Having a relationship is a conscious decision that requires consistent effort and communication. I feel like sometimes it’s so easy to go a few days without talking to God, but it can be so detrimental! More than ever, as we reopen, we need to stay rooted in Christ and remember all that we’ve learned this past year.

The Perfect Paiko Day

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Honestly, with views & weather like this, it’s hard not to appreciate the perfect days God blesses us with. I feel God telling me that everything is going to be okay.

Being in such a beautiful & serene place, you’re able to really feel the presence of peace! So many people have been telling me that there is anointing in the valley. There is life – there is abundance. There may not be a view like at the top of a mountain, but there is water, nutrients, and lushness. Being in a financially uncertain time, I definitely feel that despite the challenges God has provided over and above anything I could have ever wished for.

As we start another week of Lent, I am recommitting myself to my walk with Jesus. I think that this is something we really don’t talk about enough – how often we need to be renewed! It’s been easy to let things slip day-after-day, and truthfully I haven’t been living as closely to God as I hope to. I really want to spend more time in His word because I feel like I get so much out of it.

After such a powerful experience last weekend, I felt that the enemy was working to attack me and bring me down. Emotionally, mentally. But being able to turn to Jesus has really been the ultimate gamechanger… the only One who is able to calm me down & drape His love over me until I’m whole again!

This year, I feel God moving more than ever before. Last year, with the pandemic, we saw so many people renew their faith and restart their walk with God. However, I believe that the ripple effects of this have yet to be seen as we being to witness more family members, friends, and peers being saved because of the change they witness in us.

No matter what the enemy tries to do to derail us, let us continue to proclaim the glory of GOD in every situation… in imprisonment, during abuse, and while celebrating.

I love you so much and hope you have a great week! By the way, I just launched Kolea Swim‘s first product! Be the first to order this limited edition kini 🙂 Use password: Jesus to enter the site!

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Nothing but Dust


This Ash Wednesday, we are spiritually stronger than ever.

Elise at Pupukea

If you haven’t seen, I updated my hair with an ashy color. As the season changes in the church calendar, some of us prepare to give something up – or take something on. I plan to give up processed sugar for Lent 2021. Since I’ve moved home, my mom has been baking (recipes to come) and I realize that I’m eating sugar on a regular basis. For the sake of my skin & general wellness, this isn’t a practice I want to continue in my life. I just enjoy having a treat here and there, and think that it would be a nice change for me to take a break from sugar for forty days and forty nights.

What are you plans for Lent 2021?

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, which falls on February 17th this year. The ceremony includes having blessed ashes placed onto foreheads in the shape of a cross. Traditionally, ashes used are from the palms of the prior Palm Sunday – when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey before His crucifixion.

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Although this year, ashes won’t be directly placed onto our foreheads, we are blessed with a special opportunity – to move beyond religion. Beyond the traditions. Beyond the idolatry. Beyond the things of this world. For when we truly know Christ, we know that all of this is impermanent – that it will all fall away eventually, and that it was never all that important to begin with.

Ash Wednesday calls us to be grounded in the fact that we are really nothing but dust. Removing the things that we love can be difficult, but it can also be a strengthening – and often necessary – exercise.


Ash Wednesday is known as a day of repentance, when Christians often confess their sins and profess their devotion to God. I find that this is something I need to do daily (if not more). Taking space and time to be with the Lord on this holiday, and recognizing all the areas that we have fallen short, can help us reframe our focus as we prepare for Easter. Whether that means working on taking care of yourself, developing who you are in relationship, or opening your heart up more, I know that whatever challenge you take on will help you grow as you should this season.

Most merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against you in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done, and by what we have left undone. We have not loved you with our whole heart; we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We are truly sorry and we humbly repent. For the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and forgive us; that we may delight in your will, and walk in your ways, to the glory of your Name. Amen.

The Confession of Sin

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Cursed is the ground because of you;

through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life.

It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field.

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground,

since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.

Genesis 3:17-19

Early 2000s Sunglasses + Sunday Morning Coffee


I love the coffee that they serve at Inspire Waikele!

It was my first time back to a church service this year! It’s crazy that it’s already the last day of January. I hope the first month of 2021 has gone well for all of you.

My outfit today centered around these sunglasses I found from when I was a little girl. This era was also that of the pink coach bag.

Initially I planned to attend service at the Cathedral because I forgot that they had suspended services due to the rise in cases. Hopefully they are able to reopen soon.

Luckily, I made it in time for the last service at Inspire – which was at 11am. I love their coffee & love the stamp they use…

Love God, Love People, Love Coffee ☕️

What an awesome motto to have going into the second month of 2021. I hope that you are on track to achieve your goals – and if you’re not, I hope you are able to recenter. 🧘‍♀️