The Power of Fellowship

Wherever two or three gather… Being that I still consider myself a new believer, fellowship has been difficult for me to establish. I visit numerous churches and haven’t joined a small group. My sister in Christ, Nicole, who I actually knew before coming back to the fold, was recently telling me about how she wasContinue reading “The Power of Fellowship”

Content to be featured here first!

Make House of Miya your homepage. Elise wears the cacti set by Katrina Dimick of Portland at Alan Davis Beach in the Ka Iwi Reserve at Makapuu. This Southeast Oahu location is the former home of a ranching family and has since been made into a coastal trail for all to enjoy. A Note FromContinue reading “Content to be featured here first!”

Writing Prompt: Spiritual Awakenings

God uses all things for good! I feel like a lot of people are having spiritual awakenings during this time. I personally have been growing a lot in this realm. A pandemic may do that to you. Take a few moments out of your day to do a writing exercise with me… In what waysContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Spiritual Awakenings”